Why Choose Us

We find people more interesting than numbers. Using our skills and experience we help our clients realise their dreams and aspirations. Your business, your finances and your future are what matter to us, and by understanding what you want to achieve, we can help.

We have a wide range of services to offer, for both businesses and individuals, but we believe it is the relationship that counts, so whatever service you need from an accountant, you will be treated as individuals, in accordance with our values. So how do we help?

Accountancy Services for Start-Up Businesses

If you are intending to start a business then the best advice we can give you is speak to an accountant! Making sure that you set your business up properly, planning for your first few years and ensuring that you know where your business is heading is crucial to your future success. Here are some of the business areas that we work with you on.

  1. Company Formation
  2. Bookkeeping & Accounting Software
  3. Business Planning
  4. Financing & Funding

Accountancy Services for Growing Businesses

A growing business, and particularly a fast growing business, will bring with it a huge amount of work for the owners and directors of the business. This is where the business knowledge of your accountants, coupled with their extensive network of business contacts, helps you move your business forward. Moving forward without the complications that fast growth brings!

  1. Cash flow management
  2. Supporting Growth Business Planning
  3. Help applying for Business Loans and Overdrafts for funding expansion
  4. Tax Planning
  5. Import/Export Advice

When you should always consider using an Accountant!

There are a number of occasions that you should always take an accountant's advice. Although you may be a successful business person running a successful company, you will not have the time to keep up to date with regulations, laws, financing options, tax implications and much more that you will have to make a decision about. Your accountants will constantly be updating their knowledge on exactly these subjects to ensure you don't get caught out! The times to consult an accountant should include:


  1. Whenever you have to deal with the Government and/or tax authorities
  2. In case you are audited
  3. If you are considering buying a business
  4. If you want to buy a Franchise
  5. When applying for financing
  6. When your business is growing
  7. When you want to sell your business

GMP Accountancy Services

We are proud to offer our services as a dynamic, business focused accountancy service. We will always endeavour to ensure that your business is compliant with all the current legislation. We provide cutting edge tax advice to ensure your working capital and profits are maximised. We will help you grow your business, as we always look forward to what you can achieve. Finally, we have an extensive list of contacts and networks that we can call upon to help you and your business succeed in today's challenging business environment. Take advantage of our free initial meeting offer to see how we can help you, and your business, today and in the future.

Why Choose Us