Fee Protection

It could be you...

There is always the risk of being investigated purely at random and that's why we offer an insurance policy called CCH Premier Protection®. This insurance covers our fees should you be the subject of an investigation into your tax affairs, the annual policy works out at less than 2 hours of our partner time and with average time spent on dealing with HMRC escalating to well over 20 hours in many cases, it pays to be covered.


  • The impact of HMRC's compliance activities has increased again, during the last year HMRC collected and secured £26.6 billion from compliance work, more than in any previous years and £2.7 billion more than in 2013-2014.*
  • HMRC has a powerful computer program which can access personal information**
  • Each and every tax payer is at risk of a tax investigation regardless of their accountant, the key question is how do you prove your innocence...

Sources: * The Telegraph 25 June 2015. ** HMRC Annual Report 2014/15

There's more to CCH Premier Protection®than just insurance........

.......you also have access to the Croner Business Support Helpline. This advice line is manned by a team of consultants and is one of the country's leading providers of business advice.

The team of specialists advise on a wide variety of issues, such as:

Employment, such as: Health & Safety, such as: Commercial legal, such as:
Absence & sickness Reporting and incident Landlord and tenancy
Conduct Hazardous substances Company Law
Disciplinary Procedures Fire Copyright and patent

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Fee Protection