Self-Assessment Tax Returns due 31st January 2021

For those of you who still need to complete their self-assessment tax return, please do not hold onto your records until lockdown re-opens.

We really need you to continue to send in your records to our offices as soon as possible.

Although we are unable to offer face to face meetings due to the lockdown requirements, you are welcome to post your records to our offices or you can pop them through the letterbox if you are passing the offices. If you can scan your records then please send them to us by email or, if you use our client portal, you can upload all your information onto this.

If you are unable to get to the office that usually deals with you but are located near another of our offices, you can pop them through the letterbox, and they will be sent internally to the correct office.

If you cannot make the payment in full by 31st January 2021, you must inform HMRC as soon as possible either by telephone or by logging onto your Personal Tax Account with HMRC and applying from there. We will not be able to make arrangements on your behalf and it will be very unlikely that you will be able to contact HMRC in late December through to January due to an extremely high volume of calls and emails.

Find out more about the repayment of Government Support Schemes here.